Enemies for Dauntless are located on this page. The primary enemies of this game are known as Behemoths and can be found in several different varieties. Behemoths draw their cataclysmic power from Aether, consuming the world.

This power fuels their hunger and the deadly elemental blaze, shock, and frost energy they unleash in combat. This aetheric power determines their physiology, appearance, sometimes even their behaviour. There are even rumours from the frontier of beasts harnessing darker energies as well.

In Crafting, you can take the Items you harvest from these foes to improve your Weapons.



  • Embermane: Unpredictable, explosive, and savage, the Embermane seethes with blaze aether. Embermane boasts a razor sharp horn, claws that will turn a slayer to ribbons, and unsettling speed.
  • Shrike: Graceful, precise, and predatory. It glides through the night skies searching for prey to descend upon.
  • Drask: Big, bad, and fueled by the power of aetheric shock, the Drask is slower than other behemoths, with bone crushing attacks that can level an entire party of slayers in one strike.
  • Pangar: features armor plating and the ability to roll attack


Improving Drops

Players will be able to purchase temporary boosts which will impact the quantity of the materials that they gather from a hunt, which come in two tiers, Champion and Patron. When you activate Champion status, you will receive more materials when you slay a behemoth. When you activate Patron status, everyone in your party, regardless of their status, will receive more materials when you slay a behemoth. Additionally, this perk stacks so that the more slayers in your party who have Patron status, the greater the effect. Enabling Patron status will also give you a chance to discover cosmetic items dropped by behemoths, which other than Chroma Cores you purchase will be one of the only ways to obtain them.

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