Chain Blades in Dauntless is a Weapon Category. Fast hitting dual blades with S+ mobility. Swing the blades from their chains to slash from a distance, or pull yourself in for an up-close assault. Chain Blades are fast hitting weapons that allow a Slayer to manipulate their position by quickly closing in or keeping a distance to attack their foes - these can be crafted by Wils Bormen, the town's weaponsmith, into various types made from trophies (Breakparts) obtained from Behemoths. Listed below are the following Chain Blades that can be found in the game.



Chain Blades in Dauntless

Chain Blades Mods and Specials

Mods and Specials are abilities and weapon modifications that can be attached to a slayer's weapon. These provide a variety of both offensive and defensive moves that are used while in a hunt - Mods and Abilities are obtained from meeting a specific level of mastery, and only one type of each category can be equipped. Listed below are the known mods and specials for the Chain Blades.





Reaper's Dance
Special Use close to a Behemoth to push off, dealing damage. Use from far to pull in quickly to a Behemoth. Default Special
Cruel Riftstrike
Special Use to teleport forward, damaging enemies if present. Can teleport through Behemoths. Reach Chain Blades Level 8
Lightweight Chain
Mod Dashing towards a Behemoth reduces stamina cost of the dash by 50%. Reach Chain Blades Level 6
Hurricane Blades
Mod Using Blade Spin grants stacking on-next hit damage that is consumed when using other attacks. Reach Chain Blades Level 10
Serrated Blades
Mod Bladed attacks have a chance to cause your next swinging blades to be a critical strike. Reach Chain Blades Level 16


List of Chain Blades


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Name & Description


Element Type

Unique Effects

Charred Blades

A Slayer's chain blades forged with Charrogg trophies.

100 550 blaze-element-icon-dauntless-wiki-guideBlaze None

Destiny of Boreus

A Slayer's chain blades forged with Boreus trophies.

100 550 frost-element-icon-dauntless-wiki-guideFrost

Using Pips generates 2 Frost Sprites that cause your next attack to deal 50 bonus damage and minor frost damage each. Max 4 Sprites.

Ember Blades

A Slayer's chain blades forged with Embermane trophies.

100 550 blaze-element-icon-dauntless-wiki-guideBlaze

The tenth hit in quick succession deals 250 bonus part damage.

Eyes of Night

A Slayer's chain blades forged with Shrowd trophies.

100 550 umbral-element-icon-dauntless-wiki-guideUmbral

When under 20% health, deal +50% damage.

Fangs of Dawn

A Slayer's chain blades forged with Rezakiri trophies.

100 550 radiant-element-icon-dauntless-wiki-guideRadiant

10% chance for attacks to hit twice.

Flight of the Shrike

A Slayer's chain blades forged with Shrike trophies.

100 550 Neutral

+100 part damage on next hit after a dodge.

Inferno's Fangs

A Slayer's chain blades forged with Hellion trophies.

100 550 blaze-element-icon-dauntless-wiki-guideBlaze

The tenth hit in quick succession deals 250 bonus damage and major blaze damage.

Kharabak's Wings

A Slayer's chain blades forged with Kharabak trophies.

100 550 terra-element-icon-dauntless-wiki-guideTerra None

Nayzaga's Reach

A Slayer's chain blades forged with Nayzaga trophies.

100 550 shock-element-icon-dauntless-wiki-guideShock

+3% lifesteal vs wounded parts.

Pangar's Claws

A Slayer's chain blades forged with Pangar trophies.

100 550 frost-element-icon-dauntless-wiki-guideFrost


Quillshot's Bonehooks

A Slayer's chain blades forged with Quillshot trophies.

100 550 Neutral None

Raging Teeth

A Slayer's chain blades forged with Gnasher trophies.

100 550 Neutral


Recruit's Chain Blades

A Slayer Recruits chain blades.

80 - Neutral


Skarn's Malice

A Slayer's chain blades forged with Skarn trophies.

100 550 terra-element-icon-dauntless-wiki-guideTerra

Dealing damage has a chance (based on damage dealt) to grant a stacking, refreshing 40 health shield that lasts for 12s.

Sovereign's Lash

A Slayer's chain blades forged with Koshai trophies.

100 550 TBC


Stalker's Trap

A Slayer's chain blades forged with Riftstalker trophies.

100 550 umbral-element-icon-dauntless-wiki-guideUmbral

Dealing damage has a chance (based on damage dealt) to generate a Shadow Orb that increases damage dealt by 1.5 ~ 2.5% for 5 seconds. If 5 or more Orbs are present, the bonus doubles.

Storm Blades

A Slayer's chain blades forged with Stormclaw trophies.

100 550 shock-element-icon-dauntless-wiki-guideShock

After dodging through an attack, the next weapon attack has 300% meter gain.

Thundering Cutters

A Slayer's chain blades forged with Drask trophies.

100 550 shock-element-icon-dauntless-wiki-guideShock

20% damage vs Behemoth Tails.

Valomyr's Revenge

A Slayer's chain blades forged with Valomyr trophies.

100 550 radiant-element-icon-dauntless-wiki-guideRadiant

Once recharged, your next attack will deal 300 bonus radiant damage. Charge rate increases with higher current health.

Winter Winds

A Slayer's chain blades forged with Skraev trophies.

100 550 frost-element-icon-dauntless-wiki-guideFrost

Evading drops 2 Ice Mines on a 30-second cooldown.


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