Firebrand Charrogg




Threat Level

13 (Heroic)

Weak Against


Strong Against


Recommended Power

425 (Heroic)

Firebrand Charrogg is a Behemoth in Dauntless and a variant to the Charrogg. The Firebrand Charrogg has a Heroic variation which has rare drops and is a stronger type of Behemoth.

Firebrand Charrogg Information

The Firebrand Charrogg is a stronger variant of the Charrogg where years spent of feeding off  on blaze aether has fully transformed this creature into a walking volcano. The Firebrand Charrogg is more aggressive and countlessly spews out fire-based attacks that burns anything and anyone caught within it.


Firebrand Charrogg Reagents Drops


Firebrand Charrogg Breakable Parts


Charrogg Attack Pattern & Strategies

  • The Firebrand Charrogg's main attack comes from its Firesac where it releases flames similar to a flame thrower. Its Firesacs can be located near its legs and using Hammers can be useful to break its Firesacs, stagger it by also attacking its legs and head.


Firebrand Charrogg Gear


Firebrand Charrogg Notes

  • Notes and Trivia Go Here


Firebrand Charrogg Gallery

An Enraged Firebrand Charrogg.








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