Janek Zai


Location Ramsgate
Voice Actor Sean Chiplock

Janek Zai is an NPC in Dauntless. Janek Zai is the Supreme Commander of the Third Ostian Expeditionary Fleet who has appeared in Ramsgate as the town's firearms expert - he provides his service of crafting Repeaters and Grenades.


Janek Zai Information

Firstborn of the famed Ostian gunsmith Valor Zai and Admiral Zinai Miral, he was destined to follow the footsteps of his parents and tradition to join the military. He is a champion and a sharpshooter for wielding any type firearms where he proved to be capable of commanding an airship against Behemoths and bandits. Commander Zai is well known for his mission of saving Ostigrad from a multi-Behemoth attack that helped him rise quickly and achieve his rank. Now, he shares his knowledge and trains the slayers of Ramsgate by using Repeaters as a tactical weapon of both long and short quarters of combat, he hopes that his service would be useful to not only eliminate the Behemoths but specifically to counter the strength of a Koshai.


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