Katerin Sorrel


Location Ramsgate
Voice Actor Fryda Wolff

Katerin Sorrel is an NPC in Dauntless. Katerin Sorrel is a well-known slayer but also stands as a mentor to newly recruited Slayers, she is best at training her apprentices by taking her time with teaching her years of skills and knowledge in order for the recruits to become the strongest slayer.


Katerin Sorrel Information

Katerin Sorrel also known as "Kat" is an independent woman who is able to stand on her own, she was born to pioneer parents who died from saving her from the catastrophe that happened to their home island, which forced her to survive and raise herself on her own. She learned that she was a fighter and discovered that her calling was to become a slayer, to kill the Behemoths who took everything from her, hoping that she is able to maintain the safety for humanity. Along her journey of being a veteran slayer, she has retired into being a mentor right after her injuries and promised herself to train those who are worthy of facing the ferocious beings who threaten mankind and to keep the safety and protection for those who are in need.

Kat is an inspirational mentor and a trustworthy ally since she sends out a beacon of hope and imbues the residents of Ramsgate the knowledge that they need to know. Katerin shows a commanding, serious, and professional manner that may seem intimidating, but it is her way of showing her parental love and concern towards her apprentices.


Associated Quests



  • Opening Cinematic:

"Nice of you to join us, take your position rook. Listen up, I don't train failures, it's not worth my time. And time is not on our side.

There are more Behemoths turning up on the frontier every day and like it or not you lot are all that stands between them and the people of Ramsgate, the people who pay me to make sure you know your axe from the pole or the ground.

Today is the day you prove you can all be let off the leash. I'm not gonna be waiting for you at the dropzone in case things go wrong.

Today you prove you're not just recruits. You're slayers."


Notes & Trivia

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