Markus Boehr


Location Ramsgate
Voice Actor Jamieson Price

Markus Boehr is an NPC in Dauntless. Markus was once a wealthy man who used his inheritance to become a slayer. He trained alongside Katerin Sorrel and played the role of Kat's big brother after her injury.


Markus Boehr Information

Markus Boehr is the town's Bosun. He is intelligent and easy-going and loves to joke around but still maintains his professionalism towards new recruits. Markus is loyal to his ship and stands as the captain who commands "her". 


Associated Quests



  • "Hope you've been getting good use out of these tonics, Skipper."
  • "Hurt the Behemoth and its power will heal you if you're hurt."
  • "Nothing personal, our resources are finite and I don't want to wase a drop!"


Notes & Trivia

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