Morya Heigsketter


Location Ramsgate
Voice Actor Maya Tuttle

Morya Heigsketter is an NPC in Dauntless. Morya is the town's very own armoursmith that provides slayers armour made out of Behemoth Breakparts. You can check the Armor page to learn more about the materials needed to craft your desired set.


Morya Heigsketter Information

Morya Heighsketter, daughter of Varya Heigsketter and acknowledged as Ramsgate's best metal worker. Young and gifted, she took over her mother's smithy when the elder Heigsketter passed away. She promised herself to follow her mother's footsteps by using her passion for making new "sweet gear" from Behemoth Breakparts in order to provide the Slayers of Ramsgate the perfect defense that they need. Although she may be vigilant towards strangers, she still shows her kindness and is open to helping those who are in need.



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