Pangar's Tooth


Weapon Type

War Pike

Attack Type


Elemental Type 

+80 frost-element-icon-dauntless-wiki-guideFrost

Cell Type



Weighted Strikes

Pangar's Tooth is a Weapon in Dauntless. Weapons are made from Trophies (Breakparts) obtained from Behemoths that can be crafted by the town's weaponsmith Wils Bormen. There are different types of weapons that are imbued with an element and provides various perks that can be crafted and upgraded to its maximum level by acquiring a set number of Reagents - in order for a new weapon to be available in the smithery, Slayers must discover and defeat new Behemoths by completing Quests.


A Slayer's war pike forged with Pangar trophies.


Pangar's Tooth Information

  • This weapon has 1 Perk
  • This weapon has 2 Cell Slots:
    • Defence
    • Technique
  • Stong against Blaze type Behemoths
  • Weak against Frost type Behemoths


Where to find Pangar's Tooth

  • Pangar's Tooth is Crafted by Wils Bormen
  • This weapon is crafted from the Pangar Behemoth



Pangar's Tooth Crafting and Upgrades

Level Power Perk/s Reagents Needed
Pangar's Tooth 100 +1 Weighted Strikes 150 Rams
4x Pangar Scale
2x Icy Browplate
2x Frosted Tailplate
Pangar's Tooth +1 140 7x Frost Orb
Pangar's Tooth +2 180  7x Frost Orb
Pangar's Tooth +3 220  8x Frost Orb
Pangar's Tooth +4 260  8x Frost Orb
Pangar's Tooth +5 300  9x Frost Orb
Pangar's Tooth +6 340  +2 Weighted Strikes 9x Frost Orb
2x Icy Browplate
12x Dull Arcstone
5x Icy Frostback Scale
Pangar's Tooth +7 380  10x Frost Orb
15x Dull Arcstone
Pangar's Tooth +8 420  10x Frost Orb
18x Dull Arcstone
20x Shining Arcstone
Pangar's Tooth +9 460  11x Frost Orb
21x Dull Arcstone
40x Shining Arcstone
Pangar's Tooth +10 500  +3 Weighted Strikes 11x Frost Orb
3x Icy Browplate
24x Dull Arcstone
2x Frostsoul Shard
6x Frozen Hindplate
60x Shining Arcstone
7x Icy Frostback Scale
Pangar's Tooth +11 510  20x Peerless Arcstone
Pangar's Tooth +12 520  25x Peerless Arcstone
Pangar's Tooth +13 530  30x Peerless Arcstone
Pangar's Tooth +14 540  35x Peerless Arcstone
Pangar's Tooth +15 550  40x Peerless Arcstone


Pangar's Tooth Mastery Card

Completing the objectives listed for the Pangar's Tooth's mastery card increases the Mastery and Slayer level of a player - an increase of Mastery Level provides various rewards such as items, special skills, mods for the weapon, and adds points to the Slayer Level. While an increase of a Slayer's Level provides items, an increase of Stats, and unlocks perks.

Craft Pangar's Tooth
Upgrade Pangar's Tooth +6
Upgrade Pangar's Tooth +10
Experience 300 900 3300 4500


Notes and Tips

  • Notes, Tips, and Trivia Go Here



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