Xera the Farslayer


Location Ramsgate
Voice Actor Alexandra Reed

Xera the Farslayer is an NPC in Dauntless. Xera is assumed to be the princess of Tiefland who arrived in Ramsgate as a teenager in a one-woman skyboard of her very own creation.


Xera the Farslayer Information

Xera the Farslayer is a mysterious woman who appeared in Ramsgate when she was a teenager. There isn't much information that points out towards her background but she seems to be fully equipped with skills that allow her to track down Behemoths and evade even the most dangerous creature she faces. Quiet yet observant, Xera provides the Slayers of Ramsgate information where she can directly point out the location of the rarest Behemoth one can face.


Associated Quests

  • TBC



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Notes & Trivia

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