Cells in Dauntless are special items that are acquired from Cores. These cells can be placed in the cell slots of Weapons, Armor, and Lanterns in order to empower their effectiveness and to customize your slayer to your playstyle. Each cell provides a bonus to a Perks' tier based on the rarity, Green colored cells are Uncommon types, Blue colored cells are Rare types, and Purple colored are Epic - cells can be found scattered around various locations and are also acquired by participating and completing daily and weekly quests that can be found in the slayer's journal.


Cells Categories in Dauntless



Provides protection from various status abnormalities, grants defenses, and improvements to a slayer's health.



Focuses on improving the Stamina and Mobility of a slayer.




Provides offensive buffs to increase damages dealt with Behemoths. 



Focuses on adding and/or increasing effects for a weapon's attack.



Focuses on increasing and/or adding the effectiveness of using support-based items and effects.


Perks Table

Listed below is a table with the associated perks for each cell. You can visit the Perks page to view each available Perk along with its details.


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Perk Name Cell Type Description
Assassin's Vigour Defence Grants Health after breaking a Behemoth part.
Bloodless Defence Protects against Wounded and Crippling Wounds statuses.
Fireproof Defence Protects against being set on fire.
Fortress Defence Grants a small shield after avoiding damage for a short time.
Guardian Defence Grants a portion of any shield applied to you to your nearest ally.
Iceborne Defence Increases Defense when at low health, and at later ranks, grants life steal
Insulated Defence Protects against Shocked status effect and allows you to attack electric shields.
Nine Lives Defence Grants a chance to reduce damage, and later the ability to cheat death.
Shellshock Resist Defence Protects against the explosion damage and status effect Shellshock.
Sturdy Defence Prevents being staggered on a cooldown.
Tough Defence Increases Max Health.
Warmth Defence Protects against Chilled and Frozen status effects.
Agility Mobility Reduces the stamina cost of dodging.
Conditioning Mobility Increases Stamina Regen.
Endurance Mobility Increases Max Stamina.
Evasion Mobility Increases the time you are invincible when dodging.
Fleet Footed Mobility Temporarily increases Movement Speed after a dodge.
Nimble Mobility Restores Stamina when dodging through behemoth attacks.
Swift Mobility Increases Movement Speed when your weapon is sheathed.
Aetherhunter Power Increases damage against aether charged Behemoths.
Deconstruction Power Bonus damage against objects created by Behemoths.
Knockout King Power Percent increase to Stagger damage.
Overpower Power Increases damage against staggered Behemoths.
Pacifier Power Increases Stagger damage against enraged Behemoths.
Rage Power Increases your damage when your health is low.
Ragehunter Power Increases damage against enraged Behemoths.
Sharpened Power Percent increase to part damage.
Acidic Technique Increases Wound damage at the cost of Part damage.
Adrenaline Technique Increases damage dealt based on stamina spent.
Barbed Technique Adds a flat amount of Wound damage on hit.
Bladestorm Technique Adds a flat amount of Part damage on hit.
Cunning Technique Grants a chance to deal double damage.
Evasive Fury Technique Temporarily increases attack speed when dodging through a Behemoth's attack.
Merciless Technique Increases Wound damage against staggered Behemoths.
Molten Technique Grants Molten Heart drops on cooldown.
Savagery Technique Increases damage against Wounded parts.
Predator Technique Increases damage after avoiding damage for a short time.
Weighted Strikes Technique Adds a flat amount of Stagger damage on hit. At later ranks, allows more weapon attacks to interrupt.
Wild Frenzy Technique Increases Attack Speed when at low health.
Aetherborne Utility Increases the benefits of using aether vents.
Aetheric Attunement Utility Percent increase to Lantern Charge gained from attacks.
Aetheric Frenzy Utility Gains a flat amount of Lantern Charge on each weapon hit.
Conduit Utility Using a Lantern's hold ability increases all Slayers' attack speed temporarily.
Energized Utility Increases weapon meter gain rate.
Lucent Utility Flask heals over time and generates lantern charge
Medic Utility Improves your ability to revive allies.
Stunning Vigour Utility Restores some health whenever a Behemoth is staggered.
Vampiric Utility Restores some health whenever a Behemoth part is Wounded.

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      This page needs to be updated to include all the new cells and perks available from the Trials: Berserker Technique Reduces max health. Dealing damage stacks increased damage dealt for a short period. Sprinter Mobility Reduces max stamina. Increases movement speed and reduces sprint cost. Mender Utility Reduces healing from Slayer Flask. Using your flask restores other Slayers' health. Discipline Power Prevents you from having over half health. Increases critical strike chance. Strategist Defense Reduces max health. Dodging through Behemoth attacks grants health shields to all Slayers. Engineer Utility Reduces healing from Slayer flask. Increases range of pylons.

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