Items for Dauntless are located on this page.



Consumables for Dauntless are located on this page. Find out what they do and how to Craft them on the table below.







Healing Potion Common A small, crafted healing potion.
Greater Healing Potion Common Superior to the Major Potion.
Major Healing Potion Common Heals the slayer a large amount.
Heal Over Time Potion Common Restores a large amount of health slowly over time.
Revive Talisman Common Can be used to revive yourself in combat.
Team Revive Common Instantly revive any downed party members in a large radius.
Berserk Potion Common Increases damage but lowers resistances.
Stamina Potion Common Increases the speed at which stamina replenishes.
Airdrop: Resource Spotter Common Your airship signals the location of nearby gatherable items.
Airdrop: Healing Pack Common  

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