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New Player Help

For those who start, you will be a bit lost in all what it is Dauntless. For those that used to play Monster Hunter, time to recall your monster hunting skill and get used to it again!

But first we will go down to the basic parts of the most important parts: What are the two bars that you can see up in the right of the window?

There are two bars that are the most important thing in this game in terms of survival, a green one and an orange one. The green one is the Health, if it reaches to 0... you are done for. The orange one is your stamina, and it is quite important due to it being your energy to do rolls and do attacks unless the standard ones (right click).

Talking of the attacks, there are several kinds of attacks and weapons (here it will be separated in 2 parts). Do not be tricked by the old data, there are 6 types of weapons and 2 kinds of attacks. Here the types of weapons will explain them swiftly, go to the weapons part (which for now needs a bit of an update due to the new weapon (Ostian Repeaters)) to research about any of them and get tips about the weapon you want to specialize in.

1- Attacks: There are the standard attacks and the elemental attacks. Elemental attacks (left click hit) stronger but they are slow and then there are the standard attacks that do not use stamina and deal less damage. There is the special attack (Q) that changes depending of the weapon and the combos but for that better that you check up in the corresponding weapon page.

2- Weapons: As said before there are 6 kinds of weapons. All of them have different playstyles, different combos, different tips that we can give. 

  • Swords: The swords deal slashing damage (deal extra damage to the monster parts and allows the user to break them off) alongisde the elemental damage that you have in the weapon. It is a balanced weapon that works on making combos and that in case of emergency you can stop the combo any moment to dodge.
  • Axes: Also deal slashing damage but are a bit slower than swords. The plan here is charge up your attacks with aether and make it deadly. 
  • Chain Blades: Also deal slashing damage but are faster than swords when it comes to hitting. Mostly they are hit and run playstyle weapon.
  • Hammer: The good hammer is the only blunt weapon for now. It works extremely well to knock down the enemy. The drawback is that it is extremely slow and depends on the gun attached to it to cap off the hammer combos.
  • War Pikes: The war pikes are wounding weapons (wounding damage will increase the part damage of the other weapons). The trick here is poking from your range the enemy and causing wounding damage or slash the parts of the monster when it comes closer and when the special attack is ready use it to shoot a devastating projectile to the enemy.
  • Ostian Repeaters: The newest weapon that deals always elemental damage and the way to wield this weapon is to shoot from afar and deal as much damage as you can from safety.

With his explanation, everyone can start well for now. (Not finished yet)

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