Merchants for Dauntless is categorized as Smiths who craft various items and equipment that is essential to a slayer's hunt. They are also NPCs in Dauntless who adds bits and pieces of information to the lore of Dauntless and provide Quests - all Merchants can be found in the slayer's hub, Ramsgate.


Merchants in Dauntless


Markus Boehr

Ramsgate's specialist in crafting various Tonics that can surely aid one's hunt.


The Middleman

The Middleman is an expert in Cells. Slayers can purchase or exchange cells from him.


Morya Heigsketter

Ramsgate's Armoursmith, she is a young, friendly, and gifted metal worker who is passionate about crafting a slayer's gear.



Wils Bormen

A wealthy merchant who was sent to Ramsgate to run a business of weaponsmithing. If you're curious about your weaponry, Wils Bormen is the guy you can count on.


Arkan Drew

A watcher and researcher for aether, he shares his interest and studies with the slayers by crafting lanterns.


Janek Zai

Firstborn of the famous Ostian gunsmith Valor Zai, Janek Zai who is a firearms expert and supreme commander of the Third Ostian Expeditionary Fleet offers his knowledge in firearms by providing his service of crafting the most exquisite repeaters that you can discover.

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