Crafting information for Dauntless is located on this page. Players can improve their Weapons and Armor by adding Items they harvest from Enemies.

A slayer's legend is written in their armour and weapons, forged from the trophies they take from the behemoths they defeat. An Aethersmith of Ramsgate can use these tokens of victory to add the Drask scales to a sword blade or the hide of a mighty Embermane to your breastplate, for example. The more difficult the hunts you tackle, the better you equipment you can craft.



Upgrading your weapons and armour will require Aspect Archonite, Behemoth Trophies, and assorted Materials from across the Shattered Isles.

  • Aspect Archonite will imbue your Weapons with raw killing power as well as elemental abilities. Take down Behemoths and claim their power.
  • There aren't many materials more deadly or durable than the behemoths themselves – at least while they're still alive. Damage specific parts of the beasts to claim trophies you can use to improve both arms and Armor.
  • You'll find Minerals, Critter Bits, and assorted Flora in the frontier. The Smiths will use them to round out the materials you'll need.

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