NPCs for Dauntless are located on this page. Most NPCs have some function besides dialogue, such as being a Vendor or granting a Quest. Below you will find a list of these characters and what their purposes are.






Katerin "Kat" Sorrel Mentor Ramsgate
Bosun Markus Boehr Bosun, Consumables Vendor Ramsgate
Moyra Heigsketter Armoursmith Ramsgate
Wils Bormen Weaponsmith Ostograd, Ostia
Arkan Drew Aethersmith, Lantern Vendor, Watcher of the Orrery St. Avellaine
Gregario Flynt Stylist (Chroma Core Vendor) St. Avellaine
Xelya the Farlsayer Rare Behemoth Scout The Shattered Isles
Dr. Shaed Priyani Behemoth Expert St. Avellaine
Gaius Copperwheel Cartographer St. Avellaine

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