Dr. Priyani


Location Ramsgate
Voice Actor Larissa Gallagher

Dr. Priyani is an NPC in Dauntless. Dr. Priyani is the town's expert and Orrey scholar of Behemoth studies where she has devoted her life to learning the lifecycle and behavior of the Behemoths in order to find a way to destroy them.


Dr. Priyani Information

Shaed Priyani, or better known as Dr. Priyani originated from St. Avellaine and is the founder and de facto leader of the Orrey's Behemoth Studies School. She was once a determined and joyful woman but took a dark turn when the love her life died in the claws of the Behemoths - she became driven and decided to become a scholar and an expert in Behemoth studies in order to learn more on how to destroy these beings for good. Now, she is in Ramsgate to work together with the Slayers by giving them the knowledge they need to defeat the Behemoths and hopefully find the solution to wipe them off the world.


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