Lanterns are rechargeable items in Dauntless. They can provide both passive and active aspect bonuses to you and your hunting partners. When crafting lanterns, their resistances will be randomly chosen from a range available based on the lantern. They may also provide additional aspect bonuses that are not innately on the lantern.

There are two ways to activate a Lantern, and both inputs have different effects:

  • Instant Abilitiy - this input can be activated by simply pressing the button once. Using an instant ability has a 40-second cooldown.
  • Charged/Hold Ability - this input is activated by pressing and holding down the button for a period of time. These abilities can only be activated if the lantern is fully charged. Slayers can recharge their lantern by inflicting weapon damage, collecting Aether Wisps or by drinking from Aether Vents.
    • Lantern Default Buttons/Keys:
      • PC - V
      • Xbox One - LB
      • PlayStation 4 - L1


Lanterns in Dauntless


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Lantern Name

Instant Ability Charged Ability Cell Slot
Koshai's Bloom
10% of damage dealt will heal you for 8 seconds. Dash in a direction, dealing 650 damage to nearby behemoths upon arrival. 1
Skarn's Defiance
Grants a 200 hit point shield for 4 seconds. Surrounds the slayer in swirling stone that deals 720 damage to all nearby Behemoths over 12 seconds. 1
Shrike's Zeal
Move 40% faster for 6 seconds. Creates an aura that grants nearby Slayers 15% increased movement speed and attack speed for 15 seconds. 1
Pangar's Shrine
Restore 25% of your maximum stamina. Create a frost pillar in front of you that deals 940 Frost damage to all nearby Behemoths over 12 seconds. 1
Recruit's Lantern
Grants a 50 hit point shield (doesn't stack) Disperses aether that allows the Slayer to track the Behemoth. N/A
Drask's Eye
Deal 40% increased damage for 6 seconds. Fires a lightning bolt in a direction that deals 200 shock damage multiple times as it passes through a Behemoth. 1
Embermane's Rapture
Attack 30% faster for 8 seconds. Create a fire ball in front of you that explodes after 5 seconds, dealing 750 blaze damage to all nearby Behemoths. 1

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