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Legs, Body, Head, Tail

Pangar is a Behemoth in Dauntless.

Pangar Information



Pangar Aether Core Drops


Pangar Drops


Breakable Parts


Attack Pattern/ Strategies

  • He tilts his head down and slightly to the right, this is when he is going to charge
  • He  Jumps back (almost like a Cat), tilts his head straight down and opens his mouth, this is when he is going to slam his tail
  • He tilts his head straight down and keeps his mouth closed, this is when he is going to roll and is the most important. When he does this, prepare to boop him. A simple chainblade right click is good enough, doesnt matter what angle you hit him at really, it should always boop.


Related Hunts

  • Quest: The Avalanche



  • Premade makes it easier, especially if team is in line, then someone with proper timing can strip while he rolls. Rest of team keep distant as he falls way back from where he takes damage.


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