Behemoths in Dauntless are gigantic beasts that consume elemental Aether, have powerful abilities that walk the grounds of The Shattered Isles and pose a threat to all that's left of mankind. Behemoths appear in different elements such as Blaze, Frost, Shock, Terra, Radiant, and Umbral types where each type has its own distinct behavior, attacks, and appearance. Slaying these Behemoths is the challenge of each Slayer in the Shattered Isles, and doing so will require proper Weapons and Armor. Defeating Behemoths grants Items/Reagents or so-called Trophies that allow players to Craft certain weapons and sets of armor with different appearances and elemental effects, therefore allowing them to take on more powerful Behemoths. You'll find a list of the known Behemoths found in Dauntless below.

Stages of Behemoths


Behemoths enter a state of being enraged after taking a high amount of damage from the slayers. A Behemoth will start to charge up and unleash a burst of a red-colored aether that glows around their bodies, standing next to a Behemoth that enters into a state of enraged will blast a Slayer away from the Behemoth. While this state is active, Behemoths cannot flee the battlefield, however, an enraged Behemoth deals more damage, obtains increased speed, can perform mix-ups with their pattern of attacks, and are a bit difficult to be staggered. Dealing a significant amount of damage to an enraged Behemoth will cause them to revert back to their normal state - slayers can equip certain Perks that will allow a slayer to gain special effects once a Behemoth becomes enraged.


Aether Charged

An Aether Charged Behemoth is similar to the Enraged State. To identify if a Behemoth is Aether Charged, a temporary change of appearance will be visible to a Behemoth that enters this state, slayers can also get knocked back if they are standing close to a Behemoth in this stage. Aether Charged Behemoths are dangerous since not only do they acquire an increase of speed with their attacks, mix-ups of certain patterns of attacks, an Aether Charged Behemoth also gains new attacks that will make the battle quite challenging. Aether Charged Behemoths cannot flee the battlefield and dealing a significant amount of damage will cause them to return back to their normal state - Slayers can equip certain Perks that will allow them to gain special effects once a Behemoth becomes Aether Charged.


Behemoths in Dauntless


Blaze-Type Behemoths




Frost-Type Behemoths







Shock-Type Behemoths


Terra-Type Behemoths





Neutral-Type Behemoths



Radiant-Type Behemoths


Umbral-Type Behemoths

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