Locations for Dauntless are located on this page. Slayers live in and hunt among the Shattered Isles, where floating islands move across an endless sky and humanity lives among the broken pieces of their old world. With the recent advent of sky ships, explorers have struck out across the frontier in search of adventure, opportunity, and, in some cases, a fresh start. Ramsgate stands at the edge of this frontier as a final port of call before heading into dangerous skies. It is a city of artisans, merchants, warriors, explorers, and, of course, slayers.

As the skies of the Shattered Isles shift, so do its islands, moving and orbiting around each other. A place that's just a short airship ride away today may be gone for years tomorrow. With each passing day comes the possibility of new discovery. Wilderness never touched by man, precious resources, and unimaginable adventure await – but only if your charts are true, and you have a talented wayfinder to follow the course…




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