The Middleman


Location Ramsgate
Voice Actor Edward Bosco

The Middleman is an NPC in Dauntless. The Middleman is Ramsgate's very own Cell Vendor, he provides his services of allowing slayers to buy Cells and crafting stronger variations.


The Middleman Information

The Middleman is a mysterious person who specializes in providing the slayers of Ramsgate Cells that imbue the slayers with various effects that will aid them in hunting the Behemoths.

Each slayer is offered Cells every week that can be purchased by using Aetherdust or Platinum; 1 Rare and 2 Epic cells are available in The Middleman's inventory and as mentioned changes every week.

Slayers can also request The Middleman to combine cells in order to obtain stronger, higher, rare cells. However, doing this option will require some time in order to forge a new cell.

  • Combining 2 cells with the same perk will result in a higher rarity with the same perk.
  • Combining 2 cells with the same category will give you a higher rarity cell of the same category.
  • Combining 2 cells of a different category will provide a slayer with a higher rarity of a random category.


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