Consumables for Dauntless are located on this page. Find out what they do and how to Craft them on the table below.







Healing Potion Common A small, crafted healing potion.
Greater Healing Potion Common Superior to the Major Potion.
Major Healing Potion Common Heals the slayer a large amount.
Heal Over Time Potion Common Restores a large amount of health slowly over time.
Revive Talisman Common Can be used to revive yourself in combat.
Team Revive Common Instantly revive any downed party members in a large radius.
Berserk Potion Common Increases damage but lowers resistances.
Stamina Potion Common Increases the speed at which stamina replenishes.
Airdrop: Resource Spotter Common Your airship signals the location of nearby gatherable items.
Airdrop: Healing Pack Common  

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