Consumables for Dauntless are items that are used by the slayers in the field. Consumables can be crafted by speaking to Markus Boehr and providing him with the needed Reagents to craft your desired item. Consumables apply temporary offensive and defensive buffs to a slayer that can help aid in hunting down the ferocious Behemoths - Consumables can be equipped via the Loadout section in the menu at the consumables slot, it is important to take note that players can only bring up to 5 pieces for most items and a maximum of 2 or 3 pieces for the rest.



Consumables in Dauntless





Airstrike Beacon
1 Targets an area on the ground for an airstrike, dealing 2100 damage to all Behemoths inside the area.
Slayer Flask
5 Restores 425 Health. Can be used to revive a Slayer when downed.
Aetherdrive Tonic
5 Grants 100% increased Lantern generation from all sources for 60 seconds.
Assault Tonic
5 Grants 40% increased Stagger damage dealt for 60 seconds.
Blitz Tonic
5 Grants between 10% to 30% increased attack speed based on health missing for 60 seconds.
Bulwark Tonic
3 Reduces damage taken by 45% for the next 3 hits.
Frenzy Tonic
5 Grants 15% increased damage dealt for 60 seconds. Grants 30% if a Behemoth is enraged.
Insight Tonic
5 Grants 40% increased Wound damage dealt for 60 seconds.
Lifedrain Tonic
3 8% of all damage dealt will heal all nearby Slayers for 30 seconds.
Stamina Tonic
3 Grants 50% increased stamina regen and 50% reduced stamina costs for 120 seconds.
Lifespring Pylon
2 Place a pylon that restores 15 health per second to nearby slayers for 30 seconds.
Inspiring Pylon
2 Place a pylon that grants 25% increased damage dealt to all nearby Slayers for 45 seconds.
Ironhide Pylon
2 Place a pylon that grants 40% decreased damage taken to all nearby Slayers for 45 seconds.

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